Man Made Athlete will return and replace any misprinted, damaged or defective items. To process a return, please read below:

Misprinted/Damaged/Defective Items?

Submit a photo within 14 days after the product is received to:

Haven't Received Your Items?
Send an email within 30 days of product purchase that contains your order number to:

Incorrect Address? 
Send an email as soon as possible with your updated address to: Each item is hand printed for quality assurance so there is usually a 24 hour window of time where we can adjust your address. If the package has already been shipped to an incorrect address, it will be sent back to our headquarters where we can adjust the address and send it back out. However, if the package is not returned to sender, you may have to process a new order to replace the original. Please note that any additional shipping costs incurred from an incorrect address will need to be paid before the order can be resent.